Dr. Christina Frye

Dr. Christina Frye, is well respected and engaging leader in human capital management spending over twenty-five years of her life studying the social sciences, criminal justice, resource management, and human behavior.  Having served in Senator Ted Kennedy’s office in undergrad and achieving her master’s in business, last spring, she has completed her doctorate in human services with management specialization from the School of Public Service Leadership at Capella University. Recently, completing her lean six sigma black belt certification through the Army and receiving her certification in e-Learning for online instruction and curriculum development through Northcentral University. She is now sharing an exclusive offer to a selective number of executives and leaders, the opportunity for early readership and free access to virtual and in-person 360 work-family life obligation template and engagement finder 2.0 assessment curriculum unlike any other training on the market that transitions what’s learned into daily practice and lifestyles of executives and leaders throughout the world. This curriculum derived directly from Dr. Christina Frye’s doctoral research where her study included responses from 101 executives in government and captured breakthrough findings with outcomes depicted within her first book on Amazon to assist executives and leaders to manage their balance and learning to engage with staff to achieve critical mission, goals, and overall performance success.

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Work with Christina

The only thing standing in between you and achieving your life balance goals is to understand yourself better and implementation of strategies that are beneficial to you.

Christina provides assisted guidance of identifying individuals’ unique styles and how to better utilize them to implement and improve your overall balance to achieve and manifest.

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The advice that I give is based on individual/responses and knowledge of each given situations that impact life balance. Any decisions made by the client are therefore not my responsibility. Any actions you take are of your own resolve and not applicable to me by purchasing of packages you agree not to hold me liable for any loss or cost incurred by you. Results are not guaranteed.

Frye Consulting Group reserves the rights to refuse services for any reason and also holds the right to contact higher authorities should a client’s life appear to be at risk, please note that I do not work with individuals who suffer from depression.

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